Stranger Session: What it is


  Rules & Guidelines

1. You must have a very outgoing personality with a good sense of humor.

2. You cannot be camera shy.

3. You must agree to the images, behind the scenes videos, and story being shared on social media.

4. You must agree to showing affection and intimate posing during the session.

5. You must live in the Syracuse area.

6. You must commit 100% to the date and time of the session, you cannot be a no show. If it is even a slight possibility you will not show up, don't fill out the application.

7. You must be willing to get a COVID test before your session.


Our chosen applicants will be contacted via email to set up a time and date for a session. Be sure to add to your email list.

If interested  fill out the questionnaire below! We can't wait to have you in the studio soon to rock a session of your own! 

Welcome to our Stranger Sessions page, we are so excited that you're here! Stranger Sessions have been all over the news, Instagram, and Facebook over the past year. We decided that we wanted to bring this a little closer to home and offer Stranger Sessions right here in our studio! A Stranger Session is a photography session between two complete strangers who are matched up by our Enfoqué Team. They will come into the studio (after testing negative for COVID of course!) and meet each other for the first time during their session. What happens during the session is totally up to them and what their comfortable doing. There are a few rules and guidelines for those interested in doing a session which are:
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