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The Perfect Time For Boudoir

"I've always wanted to do something like this" is probably the statement we hear the most when it comes to women finally taking the plunge into the boudoir world with us. After their session it is the same statement as well, "I wish I had done this sooner!". There really is no perfect time for anything when you think about it. It takes one moment where it all just clicks and you finally decide to jump into the deep end with no fears.

Boudoir isn't something that you do everyday, it's totally normal to be nervous! A session is something that is intimate and personal to you, that's why it is so important to us to be sure that we are not only the perfect fit but throughout the whole process to be sure you're feeling 100% confident and secure. Your session is 100% tailored to you and your boudoir dreams.

Since this isn't something that you do everyday we are also here to help every step of the way! After booking a session we will send over a questionnaire to snag your measurements and start looking for the perfect outfit. Good news here is that we have a client closet that ranges in size XXS to 5XL, so if you don't have any outfits at home we have you covered!

There is no perfect time for boudoir, but you definitely are the judge of when is the perfect moment to give it a try! If this is something that you've always wanted to do or you're looking to have an amazing and unique gift for that someone special this could be the perfect time! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions via text or email at: 315-407-1742 and

Can't wait to see you rocking it in the studio with us so soon girly!


The Enfoqué Team

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