• Jackie Vidler

Keeping the Sanity in Shutdown!

To wear a mask, or not to wear a mask... that is the question! There is so much uncertainty during this time.

As we try to 'flatten the curve' here in NY, many businesses are flat lining themselves. My heart is breaking for them! As for us -- know, that we are doing our darnedest to make the best of this and we aren't letting go that quickly.

So what have we been up to at Enfoque while in shut down mode? Quite a lot actually! We have been busy connecting with small business owners in the area with live video chats featured on our Facebook. So if you haven't seen it already, come check out some of the local businesses and lend your support! We did a live chat with local companies every business day during the month of April. We are starting up again this week with weekly chats.

We are currently still open for outdoor photography sessions as well! Front porch portraits are all the rage right now, check out our post about it for the inside scoop!

We are counting down the minutes to get back to normal and have our studio in full swing again. Until then, we are still booking appointments and working behind the scenes to come back better than ever!

We are also offering virtual tours for real Estate, insurance, and the hospitality industries. So if you know someone looking to have these services done, please pass along our information!!