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Going Viral

Amidst the closings in New York small businesses are fighting to stay open. Not to make light of the situation, but sometimes laughter is the best medicine! Enfoqué Intimates making preppers look sexy since Y2K!

What is Enfoqué doing during the chaos

Not to worry!! Our studio will be open amidst all of the closings here in New York and we are fully equipped and disinfected! We have taken every measure and precaution to keep you virus free during your session!

Corona Boudoir

No toilet paper was harmed or wasted in the making of these photos.

Our staff will be equipped with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and as always we have hand soap and toilet paper available. We are fully prepared to offer you rations of Champaign during your photo shoots. ;)

Stay Safe

Life is too short to not have fun and that's what we are all about here at Enfoqué! This shoot was an absolute blast, BUT, in all seriousness, don't forget to wash your hands and be mindful of those around you. If you are not feeling well please stay home and reschedule. Our hearts go out to those who are battling this and you are in our prayers. We look forward to resuming our normalcy here in New York.

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