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Can I tell you why I appreciate you?!

I have been photographing women for well over 10 years now, and let me tell you it's been so incredibly fulfilling!! As I sit here mid November gearing up for Thanksgiving, prepping for our Enfoqué Images Holiday Mini Sessions, and preparing my mind for Christmas, the thoughts of gratefulness and thanks flooded my heart and mind.

The reason specifically... lately I have photographed some incredible women who have endured unhealthy relationships, survived marriages that were abusive, or who have just made the decision to cut toxic people out of their lives. This takes an enormous amount of strength and courage for a woman! With that, we earn from each other! I, specifically, have learned so much from all of you! Including strength! So thank you to all the women -- the ones who have been in front of my camera and those who haven't. Fix each others crowns ladies!

It may seem so simple... you might say "Well, Jack, that's what you do, empower women" BUT sometimes hearing that one specific life story of a beauty in front of my camera just brings things back into perspective. As women sometimes we stuff our emotions down because we take care of everyone else and we don't think about ourselves. Ladies, WE come first! That saying "you need to put your oxygen mask on before you can help others" is so real. If we don't see the toxicity around us, or we do see it and we just endure it, the only people we are hurting is ourselves. Rise up and be the woman you were called to be. Be Strong. Be courageous. Be YOU!

THANK YOU, for reminding me of this! It's something that should come so natural, yet I forget. So Thank you!

Be Strong. You never know who you are inspiring!

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